Moving the Masters in Academic Practice Online

EDM116 – Technology Enabled Academic Practice

Double credit module.Masters level. Started in term 2. Shifted 3 full teaching days online

New structure:

  • 10-11am live teaching – recorded
  • 11-12pm activities to work on
  • 12-12.30 lunchtime surgery
  • 1-3pm activities to work on
  • 3-4pm live teaching and wrap – recorded

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EDM121 – Developing Leadership and Your Reflective Practice

Masters level, small group. Originally five full days of face-to-face teaching. Started in term 2.

Learning was moved online after day 2:

  • parts of the assessment were adapted: students were asked to submit a narrated Powerpoint instead of presenting in class. They were also assigned a group and would peer assess each member’s submission. The rest of the assessment, reflective blog posts, remained unchanged.
  • The days were broken into chunks of content and activities organised around themes. Every two to three weeks a new section would be open on Moodle to start the new topic. Each topic would be organised around the following:
    • independent learning activities on Moodle
    • synchronous session to introduce the topic, often with a guest speaker ; to review progress on activities and discuss further; as a Q&A with regard to the content or activities
    • suggested deadlines for topical blog posts
    • opportunities for formative assessment with deadlines at various points of the module (presentation and blog posts)

EDM106 – Curriculum Design and Evaluation

Masters level, small groups. Usually taught over the term with full days of face-to-face teaching.

The whole module was moved online in term 2. The days were broken into chunks of content that were released every week

  • video introduction to the module
  • 1 hour webinars around specific topics once a week
  • online content (lecturers’ presentation, other sources) followed by discussion forums around the topics

Example of discussion forums around topics

  • individual submission of narrated Powerpoint for the summative assessment. Students were also assigned to groups and peer reviwed each member’s submission
  • opportunities for formative assessment: draft submissions and Moodle group forum activity to discuss the assesssment criteria

EDM109 – Researching Higher Education

Masters level, small group, term 2. The full module was moved online. Teaching over five weeks:

  • week 1 : introductory week
  • weeks 2 and 3: topic 1, divided into two subtopics, one each week
  • weeks 4 and 5: topic 2, divided into two subtopics, one each week

Organisation of activities:

  • video introduction to the module
  • presentations and other contents with guided activities on Moodle (using forums and lessons mostly), along with forums to ask questions about the content or activities, followed by
  • weekly 1 hour webinars, usually with guest speakers, to discuss the topics and progress on the activities
  • all the activities are building up to the summative assessment, which is the submission of a research proposal.
  • reflective journal with prompts to write entries at different stages of the module.
  • opportunities to submit formative activities, eg sumit a visual representation of the research plan


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