Moodle 3.8 Activity completion

Activity completion, which allows lecturers to set completion criteria for all or selected activities and resources, will be enabled by default on all Moodle modules for 2020/21. You can access and use the settings when you edit or add a new resource/activity to your module.

Activity completion allows staff and students to track progress through a module. Activities can be set to be automatically marked as complete, e.g. when a quiz is submitted, or manually marked as complete by the student. Activity completion can be used in combination with Restrict access to control the release of activities and resources. This enables lecturers to create structured routes through module content.

Activity completion and student engagement

Activity completion can also be used to quickly and easily see if students are engaging, so you can contact them if not. Activity completion provides “at a glance” data that shows who has completed the various activities on the module. 

Activity completion report
Activity completion report


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