Year: 2020

Experiential Learning Activities Online

Dr Sara Jones shares some of her experiences with online experiential learning in the Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (MICL). Download the slides Sara’s takeaways: teaching online can  be an opportunity: digital tools can offer new perspectives and added value teaching online can also be a constraint don’t try to replicate face-to-face teaching…Continue Reading Experiential Learning Activities Online

Blended teaching of clinical skills (optometry)

Blended Learning:  The training is divided into 7 short course units. Each unit relates to a specific core competency derived from existing ophthalmic speciality competency frameworks that define the knowledge, skills and attributes to undertake extended practice in Medical Retina. Each unit is equivalent to a 1 hour face-to face lecture. Material, activities and recordings centralised on…Continue Reading Blended teaching of clinical skills (optometry)

Moving the Masters in Academic Practice Online

EDM116 – Technology Enabled Academic Practice Double credit module.Masters level. Started in term 2. Shifted 3 full teaching days online New structure:​ 10-11am live teaching – recorded​ 11-12pm activities to work on​ 12-12.30 lunchtime surgery​ 1-3pm activities to work on​ 3-4pm live teaching and wrap – recorded ​ Find out more:​ EDM121 – Developing…Continue Reading Moving the Masters in Academic Practice Online

Developing First Aid Skills Online

HS1925 Practice 1: Foundations in Nursing Care Developing first aid skills What the academics did: Usually a practical element of the course. The academics used the Moodle lesson activity and Moodle quiz to create interactive resources for students. In total 6 activities and 9 resources were created. Students were told the whole section would take…Continue Reading Developing First Aid Skills Online

Moodle 3.8 Assessment Improvements

Woman biting pencil while sitting in front of computer

Moodle 3.8 brings some minor improvements to assessment features. The table below outlines these changes and how they will impact on the student and staff experience. Feature Application Option for students to Clear my choice when responding to Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in Quiz. Students can change their mind after selecting an option and submit no…Continue Reading Moodle 3.8 Assessment Improvements

Moodle 3.8: H5P Improvements

The H5P (short for HTML5 package) activity in Moodle enables you to create new interactive content for your Moodle modules. This includes: interactive videos, image hotspots, flashcards and presentations. As well as helping you to design engaging content, H5P enables you to build interactions to engage students in more active online learning approaches. The H5P…Continue Reading Moodle 3.8: H5P Improvements

Webinars – Why Do We Bother?

You may have heard the phrase, let’s not waste a crisis? So why not sign up to lots of webinars to keep ourselves informed and occupied whilst trying to work from home. I’m sure that your inbox holds numerous invitations to webinars and online conferences, promising the holy grail for these times. Magic solutions to…Continue Reading Webinars – Why Do We Bother?

Ditching the flipcharts: how we are exploring online workshops

Trello board created for the workshop

The MAfS team often uses workshops as a tool to tap into the collective wisdom of a project team or a group of stakeholders involved in a project. While we usually rely on face to face workshops and make use of flipcharts, pens and seemingly never-ending post-its to do so, the current online mode of working required us to forgo the sweets and take a different approach.  We…Continue Reading Ditching the flipcharts: how we are exploring online workshops

Improvements to Forums in Moodle 3.8

Moodle Forums are a great way to encourage communication, collaboration and debate amongst students and are very easy to set up. Students and staff can interact with one another and that can occur at different times and when people are in different places. This blog post introduces the major improvements to Forums in Moodle 3.8…Continue Reading Improvements to Forums in Moodle 3.8