2021 Writing Group dates

Last term, like many other activities typically run in-person, Jane and I took our monthly LEaD Writing Group online. The final session of the year included a marvellous guest appearance from Johanna Peyton from the Journalism department. Jo gave a fascinating talk on unlocking your creativity, which can be found in full in the video below:

Thanks Jo!

For any readers that are new to this group, the aims are to provide a community of practice around blogging specifically and writing more generally. It also gives all of us a spot of dedicated writing time in our calendars – helpful for when there’s always something else to do instead.

We’re going to continue with running the Writing Group on Zoom for the rest of the academic year, and now have dates available for the Spring and Summer meetings. All meetings last for 60 mins and will be held at 12:00 on each day.

All dates below:

  • Weds Jan 13th
  • Thurs Feb 4th
  • Weds Mar 3rd
  • Thurs Apr 8th
  • Weds May 5th
  • Thurs Jun 10th
  • Weds Jul 7th

If you would like to register for the Mailing List to receive updates on the group activities and invites to each meeting, please register at this link. Note the meeting invites will be sent out a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Happy New Year and see you on Zoom 🙂



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