What has been our student’s experience learning online during the pandemic?

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We have been asking our students a range of questions using the Jisc Digital Experience Insights Survey so we can better understand what their experience has been of learning online throughout the pandemic and will be following up with the staff survey soon.

The student survey launched on Wednesday 14th April and will run until Friday 30th April.  As an incentive students can choose to be entered in to a prize draw to win one of 6 £25 Amazon vouchers.   You can encourage students to complete the survey by sharing the link – https://insights2021.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/city

What is the Student Digital Experience Insights survey?

The Student Digital Experience Insights survey is a national survey to find out more about how our students use technology and how this affects their learning.  We are running the survey because we know that digital issues are important for everyone who learns and teaches here. 

The survey will allow us to: 

  • Find out how students would like technology to be used in learning and teaching 
  • Understand how they use our digital environment and services and how we could improve them 
  • Target resources towards the issues that matter to them
  • Start a conversation with them about their digital skills, expectations and experiences 

We asked Ruqaiyah Javaid and Professor David Bolton why thought it was important for students to complete the survey, here’s what they had to say:

“The LEaD team want to know how you have been using technology to support your learning over the pandemic, so that they can better understand what has worked well for you, what hasn’t and what they can do to make things better for students. It is important for you all to give your honest feedback so that the technology and services being implemented by the University are student-friendly and contribute to improving your student experience. I would encourage all students to complete this survey and take advantage of this opportunity to improve things at City!”  

Ruqaiyah Javaid | Vice-President (Education)
City Students’ Union 

 “The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a sharper focus on digital learning and the digital challenges experienced by the City community. The survey provides us with a prime opportunity to gain feedback from our students on their experiences within the digital environment in order to identify the areas we can improve on and to understand how we can better support our students to develop the digital literacies they need to ensure success both in their academic studies and into employment.

Professor David Bolton
Deputy President and Provost 

So far we have had over 200 responses but that still only represents 1% of our student body, so if you are a student please complete the survey so we know how we can best support you.  We would also be grateful for any help to spread the word by sharing the link in online student communities – https://insights2021.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/city


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