Moodle 3.9 key dates

Moodle will be unavailable between 8pm on Friday 2nd July and 8am on Monday 5th July 2021. This is to update Moodle to the latest release (v3.9), optimise the database and allow enough time to resolve any issues that might arise following the update. You will not be able to access modules or run any activities on Moodle from 8pm on Friday 2nd July to 8am Monday 5th July 2021.

Watch days (at risk period)

We categorise the Monday and Tuesday as ‘watch’ days, where the system will be monitored closely, but should be running as usual.

Downloading content 

For any files that you may need access to over this weekend, we recommend that you download these before 8pm on Friday 2nd July 2021. A read-only version of Moodle will be provided during the downtime for anyone requiring urgent access.

What’s new?

City normally jumps two versions during the annual update. For 2021, we are updating from Moodle 3.8 to Moodle 3.9. This means fewer new features than in previous years.

The big-ticket item is the new look for the activity chooser and improvements to our Echo360 Lecture Capture plugin .

There are also some minor improvements to Quiz, Quickmail, Forum reporting and filtering user lists.

We’ll be providing more details on the improvements in our Moodle 3.9 blog series over the next month.

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