Moodle 3.9 – Other improvements

The updated version of Moodle (v3.9) will be available on Monday 5th July 2021.

New quiz question type

The update introduces a new type of quiz question – the all or nothing multiple choice question.
It has always been possible to create multiple choice questions where students select more than one option from a list to make up their answer. And it is possible to award negative marks for selecting the wrong answer within a question. But until this point, there hasn’t been a question type which means that students must choose all the correct answers from a given selection to gain any marks and that also awards them zero if they fail to select the full list of correct options. This new question type allows this. This is essential for subject areas where a partial answer could demonstrate unsafe practice or an incomplete understanding. Students will be unable to gain marks for making a partial guess of the correct selections.

Go to the top

A small but useful improvement is the new “go to the top” button. As you scroll to the bottom of a module, an upward arrow icon appears at the right of the screen. Selecting it takes you back to the top of the module without having to scroll all the way up again.

User list filtering

An extended filter mechanism has been added to the Enrolled Users list. This means that you can now filter the list of users on any module with multiple filters based on role, name, status, enrolment method, group membership and how long a user has been inactive. For example, if you have separate tutorial groups on your modules, you can filter a list of only the students in your group. If you want to check whether anyone isn’t engaging with the module, you can add a filter to check whether have been inactive for, say, more than a week or month.
Once you’ve filtered the list of users, you can carry out various actions such as messaging everyone in that list, or download a list which is an easy way to access the e-mail addresses of everyone in your list.

Forum summary reports

This improvement makes is easy to generate a summary report of activity on your module forums. These snapshots show how many posts, discussion and words each student has contributed to a forum. Enhanced filtering means that you can easily tailor your reports to view activity that took place within a specific date range. If you have groups on your module, you can create a report that shows the contributions made by each group.


This blog is part of our series What’s New in Moodle 3.9.

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