Improved Kaltura Video Player

Kaltura has an improved and more accessible player for the coming academic year.

Interactive Transcript

The player provides an Interactive Transcript feature that can be displayed or hidden. Students can play the video and follow the transcript. The text is highlighted as the video plays.

Students can search for a specific word or term and select to navigate straight to that location in the video. They can also download a text file of the transcript.

Interactive Transcript features are common to media players and you will find them in Teams, Zoom and LinkedIn Learning. Students have said that they enhance learning from a recording, e.g. for recap or revision. They are used by some disabled students as an assistive technology.


Module menu in search field and related text highlighted in transcript for Welcome to Moodle video
Welcome to Moodle video with transcript display

Caption options

To improve the readability of the captions on the videos, students will be able to increase the font and change the colour and background of the Kaltura captions.

Caption options opened displaying links to change text, colour, font and background
Custom caption options on Kaltura video.

Control the playback

Students can continue to change the playback speed of the video. Students can use this to move quickly through the parts of the content that they understand and to slow down to review new concepts.

Playback speeds highlighted to the right of the Kaltura Video Resource showing options to speed up and slow down playback
Playback speeds on Kaltura Player

Create Video Resource

To maximise students’ experience with the new Kaltura player we recommend that you add your videos to your Moodle modules using the Video Resource.

You will find the Video Resource in the Resources and Recommended tabs of Moodle’s new activity chooser.

Activity chooser with resources tab highlighted showing available resource types on Moodle including Video Resource
Moodle’s new activity chooser with Resources tab selected

Kaltura player availability

The improved player will be available from Monday 5 July. This blog is part of our series What’s New in Moodle 3.9.


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