Revisiting LEaD Light Lunches 2020/21. Part 1 OneNote


Over the past academic year, there have been a total of 20 LEaD Light lunch sessions where academic and professional colleagues gave short informal talks on topics relating to online teaching and other digital education related topics.  LEaD Light lunch sessions were started in Autumn 2020 to support the Learning and Teaching community and its conversations, with potential cross-fertilization, around effective practice. Over the summer some of the themes that have occurred this past year will be summarised together with recordings of relevant sessions.

The first theme is around a resource from Microsoft, that is freely available to all City staff and students. It is possibly an underused one because it looks quite complex to use. Yet OneNote pops up repeatedly and below are a sample of the Light lunch sessions that talk about it quite extensively. What is interesting is just how flexible this tool is. In the examples below, it is used for creating worksheets, as a whiteboard, to create a highly interactive team activity as well as support students with its inbuilt accessibility features.

The very first Light Lunch back in the autumn was kicked off by International Politics lecturer Stefano Pagliari,  who talked about using OneNote in Teaching in Teams for asynchronous group work and synchronous teaching. Then in the fourth light lunch with Sandra Partington (Senior educational technologist) and Steve McCombe (Multimedia specialist) where they discussed how OneNote can be used effectively as an online whiteboard using a Wacom. OneNote pops up again in the Accessibility tools for studying and working online with Sandra Guzman-Rodriguez (Educational technologist) and Jessica Wykes (subject librarian) where it is mentioned as having some great inbuilt accessibility tools such as Dictate and Immersive reader.

Lastly, in probably one of the more playful LEaD light lunch sessions, Kathryn Drumm (Educational technologist) invited participants to explore Escape rooms for students in OneNote. An engaging and fun way of developing community-building activities; that could be used for an induction activity or for problem-based learning for example.

So these were just a few of the sessions mentioning OneNote-Do join the community and add your feedback and ideas on OneNote

Look out for a Summer special Lead Light lunch on the 23rd of July at 12.30 for an extended session on the important theme of Student Inductions.

LEaD Light lunch sessions are short 30 minutes informal presentations and discussions in the Learning and teaching community in Teams.  If you are interested in sharing some ideas with colleagues from across City in the new academic year then do let us know by registering here

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