Revisiting LEaD Light Lunch 20/21. Part 2 Accessibility

In this second blog revisiting some of the LEaD Light lunch sessions from the past year, the focus will be on the theme of accessibility. There were a few sessions talking about an area where so much is happening at City.

The very first LEaD Light Lunch session of the new year in January 2021 was with Dr Julie Voce (Head of Educational Technology. LEaD) who hosted an interactive session on Digital accessibility. Julie posted some  Fact or Fiction statements and asked everyone to state what they thought was what; these included ‘I only need to make things accessible if I have a student in my class with a registered need’ ,‘Automated captions don’t need to be corrected’, ‘Making things accessible is difficult and time-consuming’ and ‘Statements need to be written for every City website and system’. Do log onto the community channel to see what people thought,and see if you know the correct answer as well.  This then all culminated in a live quiz session where participants were invited to respond to see how up-to-date their accessibility general knowledge was.

Then in March, there was a Light lunch session on what accessibility tools are available to help your students (or you) with studying and working online. This was with Sandra Guzman-Rodriguez (Educational technologist) and Jessica Wykes (Subject Librarian). Some great tools were mentioned including free text to speech tools, dictate, mind mapping, and more.

A few weeks later Emma Gilbert ( Assistant educational technologist) presented a talk about Accessibility Tips for Online Presentations with a lot of handy little hints to help enhance your presentation in an accessible friendly way

LEaD Light lunch sessions are short 30 minutes informal presentations and discussions in the Learning and teaching community in Teams.  If you are interested in sharing some ideas with colleagues from across City in the new academic year then do let us know by registering here


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