Revisiting LEaD Light Lunch 20/21. Part 3. Best Digital education tools

This is the third blog revisiting LEaD Light Lunch sessions and it brings together some favourite digital educational tools available here at City:

Firstly, there are polling tools. Snigdha Nag (City Law school Professional Programmes) presented an interactive session on the use of Microsoft Forms for multiple-choice questions in class. Snigdha showed us how she uses 0365 forms in Teams in an ‘agile’ way to engage and to concept check. Though it was generally agreed, by most participants in the session, that if a more sturdy polling tool was needed then Poll Everywhere should be the first choice. However, forms work well for quick and flexible interactions in online sessions in Teams, as demonstrated by Snigdha.

Poll everywhere did have its own session with Dom Pates ( Senior educational Technologist in Digital education) who presented a session using animation for effective student engagement. Here Dom stepped up the use of Poll everywhere and showed just how powerful it can be. Have some questions on how to get started? Look at LEaD’s guidance on  Poll everywhere 

Members of the Digital education team and academic staff got together in another session to share some of their favourite tools for online annotation. The Digital Education team’s tool bag included the new annotation feature in PowerPoint, the free PDF-XChange Editor, the powerful annotation tools in OneDrive, as well as a dive into Turnitin feedback studio. Lastly, Russell Gerrard (Bayes) showed us how he marked exam scripts using the annotation function in MS Edge, something that most of us had never used.

Naturally, Moodle was also talked about in a couple of LEaD Light Lunch sessions; Lisa Baker (Educational technologist in Digital education) and Dr Russell Gerrard, (Bayes) told us about the re-launched peer assessment tool which adds a peer contribution element to group assignments on Moodle.  Discussions that emerged here was how can a peer assessment approach support the development of those key employability skills such as working in teams?

More Moodle in one of the last sessions of the year, Kathryn Drumm (Educational technologist) and Oliva Fox (Senior Education technologist in Digital education) introduced us to the latest Moodle improvements in the latest version of Moodle 3.9. This includes a new ‘all or nothing’ quiz question, whole forum summary, Echo 360 plugin and much more.  There was also a reminder to come to the LEaD workshops to find out more about the latest version of Moodle.

Next week’s Revisiting LEaD Light Lunches will have a more reflective flavour. The blog will look back at sessions where academics speak about their experience of teaching online during 20/21.

LEaD Light lunch sessions ran during the academic year  21/22.  These were 30 minutes informal presentations and discussions in the Learning and teaching community in Teams.  If you are interested in presenting and sharing some ideas with colleagues in the new academic year then do  register

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