New episode of ‘Teaching Here and There’ due out Friday 3rd Sept. 12 noon GMT

New episode of ‘Teaching Here and There’ due out Friday 3rd Sept. 12 noon GMT

Podcast ‘Teaching here and there’ with Senior Educational Technologists Dom Pates and James Rutherford from City along with Dr. Ivan Sikora, Associate Professor in Aviation from the University of West London.

Episode 2. This episode sees the team discuss hybrid teaching with international learning environment consultant, Professor Peter Jamieson. Peter Jamieson is an Educator with extensive experience across the School and Higher Education sectors working in classrooms and also distance education. He has led the design of innovative learning environments for 25 years, working in more than a dozen countries including the U.K. Most recently he led the design of a major learning facility at Australia’s leading agricultural college and the creation of a new P-12 school in Costa Rica. He is currently involved in multiple projects with a network of schools in Spain.

Peter talked passionately about how important it is to bring the students into the hybrid teaching session, so that their voice can be heard and that they are seen as a vital part of the learning experience. In a hybrid context academics need to think how to gain the benefit of having students in a class that may be being conducted in such a way by other students. Student engagement is key so they need to see the value of their participation in this class.

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