Introducing the Student Digital Community

Student Digital Community


Following the transition to online learning, City students shared they felt there was a lack of peer support and opportunities for them to integrate into the new university environment and form a solid community and culture. Hence, the Student Digital Community was introduced which is a Microsoft Teams channel managed jointly by members of staff in LEaD and Student Digital Assistants (SDAs). It was launched last year and following its successful implementation, it was re-launched this term with the purpose of bringing students together and giving them a platform to interact and support each other throughout the period of remote and hybrid learning. It is a safe space for students to join social and information events, meet new people, get advice about digital skills from second- and third-year students, as well as ask questions and participate in webinars.


What is it for

The main objective of the Student Digital Community is to promote efficient digital skills within the student community.

As a member, you will receive:

  • Advice and guidance on the support available at City
  • Information on available digital skills resources (e.g. Educational Technology guidance, LinkedIn Learning, Moodle, and Zoom)
  • Invitations to participate in drop-in sessions, information events, networking opportunities, webinars, workshops, and much more
  • Answers to your queries from our Student Digital Assistants
  • Access to further resources developed by our SDAs specifically for you such as blogs and podcasts.

Who is it for?

Anyone can join the community: foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to get more out of their time at City and meet new people. Graduates are also welcome and invited to keep in touch with the school, people, and all the opportunities available. The community is open to students from all schools and we regularly run University-wide as well as School-specific events. Likewise, it is an amazing opportunity for international students to get more familiar with City and what it stands for, as well as the people, academic, and student services it offers.


Becoming a member


Anyone can become a member and it is very straightforward; you can join the community simply by accessing this link here.

To get more information and to ask us any questions, please join the community and post your question in the chat.

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