Enhance your employability with digital accessibility

Group of working professionals sitting around a digital community diagram on a table

Employers are increasingly looking to recruit graduates with digital skills. An essential aspect of this is ensuring that products and services are accessible for people with disabilities by using a heading structure, strong colour contrast, descriptive hyperlinks and multimedia alternatives, among other things. This supports an inclusive culture to enable transformation and resilience in our fast-evolving digital landscape, and it is also a legal requirement for organisations.

With 1 in 5 people declaring a disability in the UK, disabled people are the largest minority group. In addition, we are all likely to experience a form of disability ─ permanent or temporary ─ at some point in life. People are disabled by barriers, attitudes and exclusion in society, not their impairments and differences. Accessible digital content and inclusive practices benefit everyone and will increase your employability.

Do you know how to make digital content accessible? LEaD’s digital accessibility team regular training workshops, which are open to staff and students and will enable you to enhance your knowledge in this area and demonstrate it to employers. So come along or look at our curated Linkedin Learning courses collection and study at your own pace.


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