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During the month of June, I shared with you LinkedIn Learning courses on Personal and social media branding, which was our theme for the month. Personal and social media branding are a crucial part of the career planning process and I hope you have enjoyed taking the courses and learnt new strategies of making yourself stand out online. In this article, I will share some of my experiences of using LinkedIn Learning to create my personal brand and hope this inspires you.  

As a journalism research student, I use LinkedIn Learning to build my personal brand while upgrading my skills in the areas of teaching, journalism, research, communication, and career coaching. I have a presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and the way I use the platforms differs depending on the capabilities of each one, the type of audience and the kind of content that interests them.  

Using LinkedIn to build connections and network 

I use LinkedIn to make connections and network. When I set up my LinkedIn profile more than 5 years ago, I had just completed my Master’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies and I was seeking job and scholarship opportunities. The first thing I did was to complete the profile section to ensure that people know who I am and what my interests and skills were. I included my profile picture so that my connections could see and relate with me at a personal level. This has been beneficial as I have acquired countless opportunities in my areas of interests such as being invited to webinars/seminars as a guest speaker on communication related issues. I have also connected with people whom I never thought I would connect with and built collaborations for research projects. Taking the Personal Branding on Social Media on LinkedIn Learning course has empowered me with information on how to strengthen my LinkedIn profile to increase the possibility of making meaningful connections. I have also been able to connect with City graduates, students and staff and engage in conversations on various issues and share the LinkedIn Learning courses I have completed on my profile. 


Twitter helps me connect with people in the Journalism field and stay up to date  

I use Twitter to connect with journalists in various countries, staff and students in my department and other media and communication professionals across the globe. It is a fantastic way for me to keep up to date with events happening at City and to learn about placement, volunteer, and job opportunities. Twitter is a quick way of knowing about the latest research in journalism, updates about colleagues’ achievements and success stories, and the latest news about various issues happening across the globe. Each day, I create time to go through my Twitter platform to learn what is happening around me and what colleagues are up to.  


Using Facebook to strengthen my brand as a journalism professional and career coach 

Facebook is another platform that I use to build my network and create compelling content on succeeding as a journalist and on CVs, Cover Letters and career growth which is one of my passions. I share my individual experiences of applying for scholarships and jobs, tips for standing out, and how to succeed in interviews to inspire others. I am an active member of various groups through which I share knowledge, and skills on careers, standing out, identifying your passions, among others. I always enjoy the exchanges and conversations in the groups, and I can see if I am making impact in other people’s lives. As the Student Digital Skills team, we have connected with various City departments where we are sharing information on digital skills via their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter platforms, among others. 

I am excited that as a Student Digital Assistant I can share this information with you. Remember to join the Student Digital Community support channel on Teams if you have any questions about LinkedIn learning or need any support with digital skills. I look forward to connecting with you on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Our theme for July is employability and career growth. Look out for courses on this theme. 

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