5 ways you can effectively use Office 365 

Office 365 is a common software for staff and students at City providing you with access to the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and much more. Do you know that with Office 365 you can create documents faster and easier? In this article, I would like to share with you five ways on how you can effectively use Office 365 and how LinkedIn Learning can help you to do this.  

Access to Office 365 anywhere, anytime 

First, as a City student, you can install Office 365 on the gadgets that you use at home giving you the flexibility to use the software anywhere anytime. By using this software, you will have access to the latest programs and be assured that your information is secure, and you can contact the IT service desk for support.  

 Responding to emails on the go 

If you have Office 365 installed on your phone or tablet, you can keep up to date with emails and respond to important communication instantly. This helps you to stay up to date with all important communications from your colleagues, department, and university. 

 Collaborating with classmates 

With Office 365, you can be part of multiple collaborative working groups with your classmates and be able to work on shared documents, share files and save them on a single location enabling you to access them when you need them. You do not need to work on the documents at the same time thus enabling your classmates to work on the documents when they have free time, and you will be able to see what changes have been made later. In addition, you can send instant messages to classmates on your Teams channel seeking clarification or leave them a comment which they can respond to when they are next online. 

 Simple to learn and use
Office 365 is simple to learn, and easy to use. City provides a simple 3 step process of logging into your email, clicking onto the Office 365 logo and installing it. After that, you are ready to go. While using the software, you will get updates on new features and get an opportunity to do trials and explore how they work.  


Security is the number one priority for any software users. With Microsoft Office 365, you can trust that your documents and information are protected. City requires you to select a level of sensitivity for each document or email which determines the level of protection, you can choose from ‘Official’, ‘Sensitive’ or ‘Protect’. You can protect your emails and documents. If you are worried about data protection and security, contact the IT service desk 

Finally, did you know that LinkedIn Learning has courses on Office 365? You can sign Up for the Word Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365) course and learn how to make various kinds of documents in a quick and efficient manner. You can also sign up for SharePoint Online Essential Training: Beyond the Basics, so you can learn the skills to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications with your classmates when working on group assignments or projects. To access LinkedIn learning, you just need to sign in to LinkedIn Learning using your City email and password, as the system uses single sign on. I am excited that as a Student Digital Assistant I can share this information with you. Remember to join the Student Digital Community support channel on Teams if you have any questions about LinkedIn learning or need any support with digital skills. I look forward to connecting with you on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. 

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