Moodle 4 is coming

This July, City will be updating to Moodle 4. Unlike previous years, we will not need to take Moodle offline for a whole weekend. Instead Moodle 4 will be installed with the modules for 2023/24  on on July 17th, 2023 with the update will take place during a two-hour window.

This year’s modules will be restored to Moodle 4 to be available as sources for rollover or import into 2023/24 modules. This restoration will not include any user data, i.e., student participation on activities in modules or student enrolments.

Staff and students will still be able to access all modules from previous years on a legacy site. This legacy site will be available via a new link on Moodle 4 and the link will be communicated to all staff and students.

This approach will not require a weekend of downtime in July to complete the update and as such it won’t impact negatively on students undertaking assessments over the summer. For those of you with long memories, City adopted a similar approach when it updated to Moodle version 2.  

Moodle 4 will have a fresh new look with improvements to both layout and navigation, and a host of new features. While the appearance may be changing, the process of creating content and activities will stay the same. You will now be able to run a similarity report on essay questions in Quizzes and there are improvements the Quiz Question Bank. You’ll be able to create timed Moodle assignments. And H5P interactive content will be part of core Moodle and not a pilot plugin.

The Digital Education Team will be arranging demonstrations and we’re keen to hear your feedback on the new look. There will be a full programme of training and support (online and in person) over the summer.  You can use this as an opportunity to refresh your Moodle skills and become confident with the new features in time for the new academic year.

Here on the Learning At City Blog, we will be creating a series of posts to to introduce you to the new look and to discover the new features in greater depth. Watch out for regular updates as we introduce you to all the features of Moodle 4.

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