Moodle 4 – Dates and approach confirmed

a calendarAs we announced in March, City will be upgrading to Moodle 4 on July 17th 2023. We now have an update on our approach which has been adjusted to mitigate the risk and minimise impact on resit students.

The initial plan to update Moodle was:

  • Make Moodle 4.1 with modules for 2023/24 available on the existing Moodle URL.
  • Make archive Moodle with modules from 2022/23 and earlier available via a new URL.

However, to avoid breaking any existing links to content in modules for this academic year, we have made some changes to the approach. The new approach is as follows:

17th July 2023

  • Moodle 4 with modules from 23/24 will be available via a new URL. Restored modules (i.e. copies of this year’s modules), excluding student content and student enrolments from 22/23 will also be available on the new site, so you can roll over the content to your new modules.
  • In the week prior to and on the update date, the Moodle 4 URL will be communicated to all staff.
  • Students and staff can continue to access modules for the current academic year and previous years from
  • A link to the URL for Moodle 4 will be available via a notification and/or in a menu on

Later in the summer (date tbc)

  • IT will set up a Moodle network and a URL redirect. When this is completed, users navigating to either URL will log in to Moodle 4 and modules for academic year 2023/24.
  • There will still be a link to archive Moodle where users can access modules from academic year 2022/23 and earlier. Users selecting that link will be prompted to log in again.

This new approach will ensure that there is no broken content in current modules and that students doing resits are easily able to access the relevant modules.

IT will need to work on optimising the database for archive (old) Moodle. This will require up to two 6-8 hour windows of downtime over two weekends. We’ll be in touch with Schools to agree the best date for downtime and to agree when to set up the URL redirect.

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