Moodle 4 is here!

We are delighted to announce that Moodle 4 is ready for staff to use.

Log into with your City credentials and complete Multi-Factor Authentication. You are required to review and agree with the cookies and privacy policy on first login. Review the user tours on first access to the Dashboard, My Modules and module page to familiarise yourself with the new landing pages and navigation features. 

Your taught modules from 2022/23 have been migrated to Moodle 4 without user data or student enrolments. This means that you can use them as source modules for rollover or import into your module space for Moodle 4. 

If your SITS-coded modules for the new academic year are available on SITS, then they will be available on Moodle 4. IT have created generic and meta module spaces for 2023/24 for modules that were in use in 2022/23. Find out more from our prepare for new academic year guide. 

Get started with Moodle 4 

When you login to Moodle, your landing page is the Dashboard page. You can organise and personalise this to meet your requirements. If you dismissed the user tour, you can watch a screencast. 

If you are a Programme Administrator or an E-Learning Admin, review our guidance about category level enrolment. 

Our guidance on what’s moved in Moodle 4, will help you to find key features in Moodle. 

Help and guidance

We hope you enjoy using Moodle 4. Sign up to one of our training sessions to learn more about new features in Moodle 4. If you find a feature that does not work as expected in Moodle 4, please log a ticket on IT Self Service Portal and we can investigate this for you. You can also review our known issues page for information on current issues and bugs. 

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