Practise using Moodle 4 with your new PlaySpace

You can test out all the new features of Moodle 4 in your new Moodle 4 PlaySpace. IT have created an individual PlaySpace in Moodle 4 for all staff members. You can find this PlaySpace from the Module overview block. Change your filter to 2023-24 to filter modules displayed or search for PlaySpace. Select your PlaySpace.

Filter set to 2023-24 and PlaySpace displaying in results
Filter set to 2023-24 and PlaySpace displaying in results

Five things to try in your new PlaySpace.

  1. Explore the new module navigation menu above the module name. Here you will find links to Participants, Grades and More.
  2. Turn Edit mode on to get access to editing features. Add a file and an Assignment with a due date. The Due date now displays on the module page.
  3. Add activity completion to one of the files/activities. This also displays on the module page so it is obvious to students what they need to do to complete different activities.
  4. Explore how you can move content using the new Module index.
  5. Set up a Question in your Question bank and review the new question features. We love the new comment feature. It is a great way for the module team to collaborate on question development.

Find out more about Moodle 4

Sign up to one of our training sessions to learn more about new features in Moodle 4. If you find a feature that does not work as expected in Moodle 4, please log a ticket on IT Self Service Portal and we can investigate this for you. You can also review our known issues page for information on current issues and bugs. 

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