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Creating Accessible Lecture Recordings

Please record what you can and where you can and take steps to make your recordings easy to find and study from. This blog post will explore three areas where accessibility can be improved in recorded materials. These insights are based on our experiences of recording at City over the last 10 years including the…Continue Reading Creating Accessible Lecture Recordings

ISLA Update – February 2022

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ISLA We are pleased to announce that a number of ISLA rooms have been signed off across Northampton Square. These include: C302, C309, A214, D104 and FG05. At Bunhill Row, most learning spaces on the 2nd and 3rd floors are now ISLA enabled for hybrid teaching. Further ISLA rooms will be signed off later this term….Continue Reading ISLA Update – February 2022

Library Services

SCONUL Access From Monday 15th November, City students can apply for SCONUL Access to access university libraries around the country. You can submit your application via SCONUL website. Not all university libraries have resumed their participation in the scheme – this means that City students will not be able to use these libraries (such as LSE and London Met). City University students can also use Senate…Continue Reading Library Services

GradVantage Placement: Reflections

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GradVantage Placement: Reflections, by Monjur Miah, Summer 2021 This reflective blog will use a combination of Graham Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle (1988), including the role of feelings and Schön’s Reflection before, during and after a learning process. [1]   Description What happened?   Working as a Learning Spaces Project Officer within LEaD Digital Education, I was responsible for…Continue Reading GradVantage Placement: Reflections

ISLA – Inclusive Synchronous Learning Activities

Hybrid teaching is a relatively new pedagogic and technical methodology for live teaching simultaneously to students on campus and online. Although it has been in practice for some time within higher education in the USA, notably with the Hyflex model originating in 2006. There has been a significant uptake in this hybrid approach since the…Continue Reading ISLA – Inclusive Synchronous Learning Activities

A Look into The Workplace Post-COVID-19

open plan office design

This post follows on from ‘‘The office is not obsolete, maybe the system is”, thinking about hybrid working and the return to the office for staff at City, University of London, and what that might look like A paraphrased review of an article by C.Whitman ‘A Look into The Workplace Post-COVID-19 Over the past decade,…Continue Reading A Look into The Workplace Post-COVID-19

LEaD Digital Education at City

Digital Education, the new name for the Educational Technology Team within LEaD Introducing LEaD Digital Education The LEaD Educational Technology Team have a new name! In light of the changes that have occurred over the past year and the increase in prominence of digital education both at City and across the education sector, we thought…Continue Reading LEaD Digital Education at City

The office is not obsolete, maybe the system is

Where is my office? Reflections on a discussion hosted by Herman Miller with Chris Kane, author and ex-head of estates at the BBC and Walt Disney. Businesses large and small are changing fundamentally and quickly with the Coronavirus pandemic. So are the traditional ways that people can work and study together. But the static environment…Continue Reading The office is not obsolete, maybe the system is

How can we teach our Labs online?

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Moving to remote practicals for Engineers “We knew drawing on expertise from elsewhere in the sector would be necessary to help us to address this significant challenge at City, but Sheffield colleagues surpassed all our expectations by working with us to deliver a tailored workshop for our Engineering Department. We were very fortunate to be…Continue Reading How can we teach our Labs online?

On AI Labs, mobiles for barristers, and co-created infographics

Early design ideas for AI lab

The post below is a transcript of a closing keynote I gave at a UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE) workshop in November 2019. It contains three case studies of how LEaD have worked with City academics on educational development or enhancement activities. I’ve published it here to add to LEaD’s new Case Studies archive,…Continue Reading On AI Labs, mobiles for barristers, and co-created infographics