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Mark Brown

Mark Brown: A Story of Hype and Hope: Breaking Free from the Technology Bungy          5th July 2011 During a recent visit to the UK from Massey University, New Zealand, Mark kindly stopped off at City to share this talk about educational technology.  Mark’s career summary and list of achievement are overwhelming but match his enthusiastic,…Continue Reading Mark Brown

CitySpace Obituary: Anise

Here are my CitySpace memories. I joined the E Learning Unit in June 2003 alongside Gilly Reeder, Matt Eanor, Neal Sumner and Susannah Quinsee.  My interest in e-learning stemmed from my previous experience at City University as a student. When we arrived we had no desks or computers.  Susannah had managed to get hold of…Continue Reading CitySpace Obituary: Anise

CitySpace Obituary

On 1st September 2011, CitySpace will be switched off after 8 years of service to the university. The E-Learning Unit (ELU) was established with five staff members in 2003 to support the implementation of this VLE. WebCT Vista had a stint under the title City Online Learning before becoming CitySpace.   To celebrate this occasion, the…Continue Reading CitySpace Obituary

Moodle 2 in UK HE event

Moodle 2 in UK HE event              20th June 2011 This event brought together UK HE Moodle users with a ‘strategic’ or ‘technical interest’ at the Open University campus in Milton Keynes.  Four City University representatives attended with a view to gaining information and contacts to contribute to our decision to pilot and implement Moodle…Continue Reading Moodle 2 in UK HE event

How to use your voice brilliantly in online sessions

With the recent upgrade to the video conferencing software, Adobe Connect, I thought it would be timely to post about  a webinar I attended on How to use your voice brilliantly in online sessions. I signed up for this session as I help to facilitate a regular online tutorial session using Connect and I was…Continue Reading How to use your voice brilliantly in online sessions

National Centre for Social Research (NatCen)

The Analysis of Qualitative Data. I attended this two-day workshop to extend and refine my skills in qualitative data analysis (QDA). Facilitated by three experienced NatCen researchers in the area of applied social research, the workshop used a wide range of recent studies to introduce the range of skills required to handle large qualitative data…Continue Reading National Centre for Social Research (NatCen)

Ketso Ketso is a beautiful, tactile tool that can be used to run workshops and create action plans.  The main benefit of Ketso is in enabling all participants to have a voice.  The website describes Ketso as “a toolkit for creative and effective engagement. It is designed to encourage creative thinking, and to engage people…Continue Reading Ketso

NVivo Training To Support Qualitative Research in Higher Education

Nvivo 9 image

In my hand I hold a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ for attending an ‘Induction to NVivo Training’. This is significant because I am now able to use a computer aided qualitative data analysis software to analyse a number of interview transcripts I have from a current education technology research project. SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENT Bryman (2009)  points out…Continue Reading NVivo Training To Support Qualitative Research in Higher Education

Is text messaging dead?

Earlier in May I was invited to give a keynote presentation at the TxtTools Conference Lets Talk about Txt Conference which was being hosted at the University.  TxtTools is a system that enables mass notification of students (or users) via text messaging. It can also enable you to post text messages to a predetermined number…Continue Reading Is text messaging dead?

Point B: A Short Guide to Leading a Big Change

Peter Bregman (2007) Point B: A Short Guide to Leading a Big Change, Space for Change, New York Change is notoriously difficult to manage.  This guide won’t make change easy or problem free but it will give great insight, tools and strategies that increase chances of success. This guide refers to a big change but…Continue Reading Point B: A Short Guide to Leading a Big Change