Learning at City Conference 2022

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Opportunities to transform the future of higher education

The 12th Learning at City conference will take place on Wednesday 29th  June 2022 at City, University of London

Registration to attend is now open via this link

The place of digital learning became central to education due to the pandemic and this change in models of teaching, learning and assessment are here to stay (Maguire, Dale & Pauli 2020). This has enabled staff and students to be creative and the future offers many opportunities to transform learning so that it is inclusive, accessible and flexible. Sharples (2019) discussed the transformations occurring not just through bringing technology into classes but through real improvements in the theory and practice of teaching.

Until the pandemic, whilst some lecturers did want to implement innovation and more active learning in their classes, there were often constraints that prevented this. Due to a myriad of constraints, teachers often resort to more traditional, conservative approaches to teaching and learning (Herodotou et al 2019).

There has been an immense amount of innovation and learning across the sector in the last 2 years. We invite you to attend the conference to hear about some of this from your colleagues with both what worked and what might not have gone so well.


  • Herodotou C, Sharples M, Gaved M, Kukulska-Hulme A, Rienties B, Scanlon E and Whitelock D (2019) Innovative Pedagogies of the Future: An Evidence-Based Selection. Frontiers in Education Vol. 4 Article 113. doi: 10.3389/feduc.2019.00113
  • Maguire D, Dale L and Pauli M (2020) Learning and Teaching reimagined a new dawn for higher education? Bristol JISC
  • Sharples, M. (2019). Practical Pedagogy: 40 Ways to Teach and Learn. London: Routledge.

(Provisional) Programme – Wednesday 29th June 2022

09:15 | Registration & Refreshments

09:45 | Welcome and Introduction – Professor Juliet John & Professor Susannah Quinsee

10:00 | Key note

11:00 | Refreshments & Networking

11:25 | Session One

1A [workshop] Discover Learning Design with LEaD | Lisa Baker and Dominic Pates

1B [workshop] An evidence-based approach to pedagogical innovation: reflecting on scholarship | Dr Sara Reimers

1C [papers x 2]

Understanding student digital experiences at City, University of London | Dr Julie Voce & Lauren Regan

From face-to-face to remote learning: what can we learn from student experiences of pre-recorded lectures in the pandemic? | Dr Jane Secker, Geraldine Foley, Thomas Hanley & Dr Sara Reimers

12:30 | Lunch & Posters

A chance to eat lunch, network, view and talk to poster presenters

P1 [poster] Why Are Students Not Engaging In Online Learning? A Lecturer’s Reflection   | Dr Nilay Balkan

P2 [poster] Evaluation of a novel video-based learning tool for teaching a fundamental voice technique to Student Speech and Language Therapists  | Louise Occomore-Kent

P3 [poster] Typing while talking: how can we use the chat box effectively when teaching online? | David Shah

P4 [poster] Implementing Blackboard Ally at City: Initial Analytics and Feedback from Pilot Term | Sandra Guzman-Rodriguez, Maria Kaffa & Miranda Melcher

P5 [poster] Micro-Placements: Pivoting from recruitment to a preparation model to support students at scale | Wendy Browne & Nguyen Banh

13:35 | Session two

2A [workshop] Learning design on the ground, from theory to practice: How to co-design a course? | Geraldine Foley & Sarah Ney

2B [workshop] The Pedagogy of Hybrid Space | James Rutherford and Dominic Pates

2C [papers x 2]

What Factors Predict Performance in Research Methods Training Amongst Psychology Undergraduates? | Dr James Yearsley

We thought it would never happen: Designing and introducing a dedicated clinical skills room for midwifery students | Olga Oseman & Alys Einion

14:40 | Session Three

3A [workshop] Escape-room challenges for online and offline engagement | Dr Stian Reimers

3B [workshop] Transforming your presentation slides for online learning | Jura McKay, Annora Eyt-dessus & Andrew Pryde

3C [papers x 2]

Induction: A professionally-oriented treasure hunt |  Professor Rachael-Anne Knight, Dr Rachel Holland & Lucy Myers

Transforming academic-based undergraduate induction 2019-2022: enhancing student engagement | Li Cunningham, Professor Clive Holtham & Dr Martin Rich

3D [2 x papers]

Promoting Innovation Through Immersive Webinar Designs | Anthony Basiel & Michael Howarth

How can curriculum analytics inform learning design at City, University of London? | Ethan Henry & Evana Downs

15:45 | Closing points and celebration of staff achievements | Professor Anthony Finkelstein

16:30 | Drinks reception

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