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Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Venn diagram. The three circles are digital, green and just. The central point where they all cross over is labelled 'transitionism'.

Heading back into the room Early 2022, the tide of the immediate pandemic crisis was beginning to recede. Like many of us, I found myself reacclimatising to not having to focus on such a regular and consistent basis on Covid mitigations. As Winter turned to Spring, I began dipping my toe back into being in the physical…Continue Reading Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Plagiarism and essay mills

Plagiarism, and in particular the recent burgeoning of so-called essay mills, was the theme of the ALDinHE (London & south-east region) event hosted by the University of Reading on July 22nd 2016. I had the pleasure of attending this lively and stimulating day of presentations and discussion at the University’s verdant London Road campus, a…Continue Reading Plagiarism and essay mills

Leading Change in Higher Education – MAAP Module

We are now recruiting participants for the Leading Change in Higher Education module that will run as part of the MA Academic Practice from January 2013.  In this challenging and uncertain time within HE it is vital to develop leadership skills that draw on self-awareness, leadership models and exploration of change.  Leadership and being an…Continue Reading Leading Change in Higher Education – MAAP Module

Its a cut and paste job.

One of the more challenging aspects of our work as educators is how we develop students understanding of plagiarism. At the beginning of the year, you may have felt that you have appropriately outlined your expectations to your students in terms of plagiarism. You may even have called in the expert librarians to help run…Continue Reading Its a cut and paste job.