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Group work online – Creating a magazine remotely

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  Over seven weeks, across four continents and more time zones, they’ve managed to do all the things we would normally do in the production module apart from produce a printed magazine”. Read the magazine online: Reset Magazine  https://t.co/KNm842TKon?amp=1       Academic: Yuen Chan – Senior Lecturer department of Journalism  Course: Masters in International Journalism …Continue Reading Group work online – Creating a magazine remotely

Experiential Learning Activities Online

Dr Sara Jones shares some of her experiences with online experiential learning in the Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (MICL). Download the slides Sara’s takeaways: teaching online can  be an opportunity: digital tools can offer new perspectives and added value teaching online can also be a constraint don’t try to replicate face-to-face teaching…Continue Reading Experiential Learning Activities Online

Blended teaching of clinical skills (optometry)

Blended Learning:  The training is divided into 7 short course units. Each unit relates to a specific core competency derived from existing ophthalmic speciality competency frameworks that define the knowledge, skills and attributes to undertake extended practice in Medical Retina. Each unit is equivalent to a 1 hour face-to face lecture. Material, activities and recordings centralised on…Continue Reading Blended teaching of clinical skills (optometry)