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HeLF Flexible Pedagogies Workshop

Members of the Heads of E-Learning Forum (HeLF), a network of senior staff in institutions engaged in promoting, supporting and developing technology enhanced learning, met at the University of Leeds in February to explore flexible pedagogies.  The workshop addressed a number of aspects of flexible pedagogies such as new curricular being developed at different institutions,…Continue Reading HeLF Flexible Pedagogies Workshop

Introducing the Blended Learning Theme

Blended Learning is increasing in popularity as an effective way to meet diverse learner requirements and offer increased flexibility for students through the integration of resources and activities in an online environment with face-to-face teaching. The Blended Learning Theme works with academics and professional staff providing expert advice and guidance in combining online elements with…Continue Reading Introducing the Blended Learning Theme

M25 Learning Design

By: Olivia Fox & Lisa Baker The focus of the M25 was on learning design. This post looks at the presentations around learning design, tools to support the process and staff development. Maria Toro-Troconis (Imperial College London) introduced a Blended Learning Design tool BLEnDT©. This tool provides a framework for moving learning designs from face-to-face…Continue Reading M25 Learning Design

Introducing the Educational Technology Team

Educational Technology: In recent years, the range and scale of educational technologies available to City staff and students has changed radically.  For example, Moodle offers a platform to provide course materials, activities and links to a host of tools, lecture capture can record live presentations, CampusPress is our blogging tool, Turnitin supports online assessment, staff…Continue Reading Introducing the Educational Technology Team

Educational Technology Team Themes & Projects

 This post shares photos of the Educational Technology Team and how we work across three themes and undertake numerous projects.   Educational Technology Team members are organised into the three themes of: Blended Learning Multimedia Learning Spaces This aligns with institutional priorities and enables the team to support, discover and promote a range of educational technology…Continue Reading Educational Technology Team Themes & Projects

City University London staff – tell us about your experiences of using educational technology

Audience: City University London Staff Learning Enhancement & Development are looking at future educational technology developments and we are looking for input from City University London staff. Tell us about your experience of using educational technology and what enhancements you would like to see in the future by completing the staff educational technology survey. It…Continue Reading City University London staff – tell us about your experiences of using educational technology

ICERI Conference report

ICERI (International Conference on Education Research and Innovation.) Seville November 19th and 20th 2013 As part of the dissemination activity for our learning development project funded by the LDC  the three researchers on the project, Karen Rawlings- Anderson, Natasa Perovic and Neal Sumner attended this conference in Seville to present some of our findings to…Continue Reading ICERI Conference report

Video-making Skills at City

Video People

There is a sizable video community at City University (learning technologists, the AV department, the SU and careers to name just a few) and we recently met up in the MILL to find out: How we see our current skill levels in video-making Which areas of video-making we would like to develop Which areas could…Continue Reading Video-making Skills at City