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CitySpace Obituary: Julie Attenborough

Julie Attenborough, Head of the Educational Development Unit, School of Community and Health Sciences Though much maligned over the years I retain a strange fondness for CitySpace. A bit like a first encounter (clunky, unsatisfying)it gave us a taste of what might be possible if only…. The slowness of the system in the University’s far…Continue Reading CitySpace Obituary: Julie Attenborough

CitySpace Obituary: Neal Sumner

Here are Neal’s CitySpace memories: CitySpace obituary 9.59 on January 5th 2004 and the clocks are ticking loudly in the 4 Drysdale computer labs where 250 silent students are sitting expectantly at their terminals waiting for their Informatics examination to begin. As the second hand moves towards the vertical, hundreds of pairs of eyes are…Continue Reading CitySpace Obituary: Neal Sumner

CitySpace Obituary: Anise

Here are my CitySpace memories. I joined the E Learning Unit in June 2003 alongside Gilly Reeder, Matt Eanor, Neal Sumner and Susannah Quinsee.  My interest in e-learning stemmed from my previous experience at City University as a student. When we arrived we had no desks or computers.  Susannah had managed to get hold of…Continue Reading CitySpace Obituary: Anise

CitySpace Obituary

On 1st September 2011, CitySpace will be switched off after 8 years of service to the university. The E-Learning Unit (ELU) was established with five staff members in 2003 to support the implementation of this VLE. WebCT Vista had a stint under the title City Online Learning before becoming CitySpace.   To celebrate this occasion, the…Continue Reading CitySpace Obituary