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Getting to know the ‘sticky’ campus

SmartLearning Text

“We live in a world where the workforces of today and tomorrow need to continuously learn and constantly reskill in order to flourish ina newly peripatetic and ever-changing job market place. We, as a society can therefore no longer afford to think of education as something that occurs primarily in our formative years”. Nathan Hurley,…Continue Reading Getting to know the ‘sticky’ campus

Stress-Free September? Starting the new academic year

Image shows a wooded clearing with sun filtering down through the trees, in autumn colours.

A guest post by Dr Emma Kennedy of Queen Mary, University of London as part of the #HEblogswap initiative September has always been a bittersweet time for me. Like many, I always feel that September is a new beginning (having been ruled by the academic calendar continuously since I started school 25 years ago). However,…Continue Reading Stress-Free September? Starting the new academic year

Principles of Engagement: A Student Engagement Conversation

On the 27th November, I attended a ‘Student Engagement Conversation’ event hosted by The Student Engagement Partnership (TSEP). TSEP are a joint venture, funded predominantly by the National Union of Students and Higher Education Funding Council for England, as well as the QAA and GuildHE amongst others. The third of a roadshow series of conversation…Continue Reading Principles of Engagement: A Student Engagement Conversation

Introducing the Blended Learning Theme

Blended Learning is increasing in popularity as an effective way to meet diverse learner requirements and offer increased flexibility for students through the integration of resources and activities in an online environment with face-to-face teaching. The Blended Learning Theme works with academics and professional staff providing expert advice and guidance in combining online elements with…Continue Reading Introducing the Blended Learning Theme

Educational Technology Team Projects

Educational Technology Projects:  The Educational Technology Team supports the use of educational technology through professional development, guidance, consultancy and building relationships. We work across the three themes of Blended Learning, Multimedia and Learning Spaces. Beyond our every day support work and relationship building, we organise the work that we do into projects.  These can range from small activities such…Continue Reading Educational Technology Team Projects

M25 Learning Design

By: Olivia Fox & Lisa Baker The focus of the M25 was on learning design. This post looks at the presentations around learning design, tools to support the process and staff development. Maria Toro-Troconis (Imperial College London) introduced a Blended Learning Design tool BLEnDT©. This tool provides a framework for moving learning designs from face-to-face…Continue Reading M25 Learning Design

Introducing the Educational Technology Team

Educational Technology: In recent years, the range and scale of educational technologies available to City staff and students has changed radically.  For example, Moodle offers a platform to provide course materials, activities and links to a host of tools, lecture capture can record live presentations, CampusPress is our blogging tool, Turnitin supports online assessment, staff…Continue Reading Introducing the Educational Technology Team

Reflections on our inspiration day

In November, Anise, Annemarie and myself took a day out to try the technique of walking and learning, as outlined in Anise’s previous post.  The day was a fantastic opportunity to gain some thinking time as well as trying out a technique that I had read about from elsewhere and I wanted to use in…Continue Reading Reflections on our inspiration day

Robots Invaded my Conference!

I spent last week at ELI in New Orleans, the US eLearning Conference run by Educause.  My main purpose for attending was to find out more about what US institutions are doing with Learning Spaces, but as always with ELI I learned so much more, everything was interesting  from Robot participants to Neurology lectures. While…Continue Reading Robots Invaded my Conference!

Moodle 2: Marking Strategies

There are several ways to mark on moodle. In this blog I will list three ways in which this is possible. Mark Moodle Assignments Using a Marking Record A marking record is very similar to a rubric, but it’s even more simpler. For each marking criterion, a comment explains what is being sought, and provides…Continue Reading Moodle 2: Marking Strategies