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The Great Student AI Debate

In December, City’s Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task and Finish Group and City Students’ Union (SU) held the first inter-society debate to explore what place AI has in education. The debate was hosted by the City Debating Society and included representatives from four student societies: UX.City, IEEE City Robotics Society, Computer Science Society and Data…Continue Reading The Great Student AI Debate

‘Camera off or on?’ Live student debate

screen with participants

By the Digital student assistants on the Students community in Teams. Edited by Elisabetta Lando Our live debate took place on Friday the 26th March in the student community channel.  Our topic was whether we should keep our Cameras  on or off during lectures.  The debate went very well, and we were happy to see people engaging with the community and sharing their ideas, experiences, and…Continue Reading ‘Camera off or on?’ Live student debate

Using Debate as a Teaching Format

Three years ago at a City University Creativity Workshop I met Kirsten Hardie who teaches Design at Arts University College of Bournemouth. She told me about a method she had invented called “On Trial.” By coincidence, in working with a group of City teachers recently, they quite unprompted suggested the use of a debate format…Continue Reading Using Debate as a Teaching Format