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DALI lights up over 40 learning spaces – here at City

DALI work in progress

                      DALI  –  An update from the Designing Active Learning Initiative The transformation of City’s learning spaces is taking place over the summer months, for the second year running. From September 2017 City’s staff and students will benefit from the new DALI podium (Pod) in over 40 of the 200…Continue Reading DALI lights up over 40 learning spaces – here at City

Laptop Lockers

AG24B is a flexible learning space complete with a number of colourful node chairs that can be moved around the room as well as large stretches of squiggle glass on the walls.  The room is designed to support a variety of activities including group work and easy movement between different activities. However, this space is…Continue Reading Laptop Lockers

Swivel Seating in Lecture Theatres

This September, City University London’s first swivel seating lecture theatre will be built by Properties and Facilities.  This will be a small lecture theatre available in the refurbishment of the University building basement.  The room will boast rows of fixed seating along with swivel seating to enable group work and collaboration between students ensuring that…Continue Reading Swivel Seating in Lecture Theatres