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Sharing Turnitin QuickMark Feedback

You may be familiar with using Turnitin QuickMark comments when providing feedback on students’ work in Turnitin assignments but did you know that you can share QuickMarks with your colleagues to create a library of standard comments? QuickMarks are pre-defined comments, grouped together in themed QuickMark sets, that can be added as feedback when assessing…Continue Reading Sharing Turnitin QuickMark Feedback

Accessing Turnitin Feedback

Audience: City University London students and staff According to our reports on Moodle assessment activity; there were 18 Turnitin assignments due at the beginning of March. This post highlights how students can access the three different types of feedback that lecturers can provide using GradeMark – Turnitin’s feedback system. Click on the Turnitin assignment from…Continue Reading Accessing Turnitin Feedback

Learning Analytics

I recently participated in a  ELESIG symposium on Learner Analytics. An extended introduction of learning analytics and its uses both for educators and learners has already been covered by my fellow colleagues in his previous post. This symposium enabled delegates to adopt a critical stance to the ways in which the analytics was managed and…Continue Reading Learning Analytics

Moodle 2: Marking Strategies

There are several ways to mark on moodle. In this blog I will list three ways in which this is possible. Mark Moodle Assignments Using a Marking Record A marking record is very similar to a rubric, but it’s even more simpler. For each marking criterion, a comment explains what is being sought, and provides…Continue Reading Moodle 2: Marking Strategies

Understanding formative and summative assessments

What are formative and summative assessments? As per wikipedia – Formative assessment or diagnostic testing is a range of formal and informal assessment procedures employed by teachers during the learning process in order to modify teaching and learning activities to improve student attainment.[1] It typically involves qualitative feedback (rather than scores) for both student and…Continue Reading Understanding formative and summative assessments

Self- and Peer Assessment using Turnitin in SEMS: Cengiz Turkoglu

Cengiz Turkoglu, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, principally teaches final-year undergraduate students and one of the MSc Aviation Management modules, with class sizes usually not exceeding 20 students. Each of his modules uses a similar assessment pattern comprising one coursework plus an examination. For the coursework component, he utilizes…Continue Reading Self- and Peer Assessment using Turnitin in SEMS: Cengiz Turkoglu

GradeMark from the Staff Perspective

I heard a great presentation from Cath Ellis from University of Huddersfield on introducing an e-submission policy and using Turnitin’s online marking tool GradeMark as part of the Maximising Turnitin session in June. Prior to using GradeMark, Cath felt that her feedback was inconsistent. For the first five essays she might have corrected a mistake…Continue Reading GradeMark from the Staff Perspective