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Skyping in to the Intelligent Campus…and more

Graph of features recommended by audience members of possible key featutes for a large lecture theatre in the future

(tl;dr – belated report on two internal events I organised and four I attended at City) Opening the archives Last year, I moved into a new position within LEaD’s Educational Technology Team, becoming a Senior Educational Technologist. The role has a Relationship Lead focus, and is associated with three of City’s schools. This means that…Continue Reading Skyping in to the Intelligent Campus…and more

Bricks will be replaced by clicks – Campus for the future – EUNIS19

Slide showing diagram of the University of Glasgow's smart campus vision.

“Bricks will be replaced by clicks” they said in the early 2000s, suggesting a move away from physical campuses in favour of more virtual spaces, with campus managers becoming IT managers. Fast forward 19 years and Professor Alexandra den Heijer from TU Delft opens the EUNIS19 congress (view slides) confirming that campuses are still here…Continue Reading Bricks will be replaced by clicks – Campus for the future – EUNIS19

Jisc’s ‘Intelligent Campus’ comes to City

Jisc Intelligent Campus

  Building on their work in learning analytics, Jisc are working on a research and development project in the area of the intelligent campus. One aspect of the intelligent campus is to look at ways to use data to be able to make smarter use of a university or college estate, for considerations like improving…Continue Reading Jisc’s ‘Intelligent Campus’ comes to City

Getting Better: Interrogating the Smart Campus (2/2)

Chris Pearce speaking at smart campus panel event

(watch the full session above) Over the past couple of years, I’ve been following developments in the area increasingly being defined as the ‘smart campus’ with great interest. It’s a concept that means different things to different people, but to me, it’s largely about the convergence of several trends and emerging technologies across the whole…Continue Reading Getting Better: Interrogating the Smart Campus (2/2)

Co-designing with Jisc

Potential tech futures for education and research (long read alert) How might digital technologies transform education and research by 2020-2030? As City is looking towards the coming decade in our newly-launched Vision and Strategy, Jisc are currently engaged in a consultation process to determine how best to advise and support institutions in preparing to answer this question….Continue Reading Co-designing with Jisc

Sketches for a Smart Campus

Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan (from Wikipedia, CC-BY-SA)

1/ Been collecting some thoughts on the #intelligentcampus (or #smartcampus, for character brevity) for @JISC’s #codesign16. #learningspaces — Dom Pates (@dompates) November 23, 2016 A few weeks ago, I noticed on Twitter that JISC was asking for contributions on the subject of ‘the intelligent campus’ (or, ‘the smart campus’, as it’s also known). I’ve been…Continue Reading Sketches for a Smart Campus