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Podcasting, not Lecturing

Screenshot of closing slide from The City Law School's Law and Society Podcast presentation at Research in Distance Education conference in 2021. Features closing credits, an image of a microphone and photos of the two academic presenters of the podcast - Drs Adrienne Yong and Sabrina Germain.

In the partly socially distanced world of 2021 and like many other teaching practitioners across the globe, Drs Sabrina Germain and Adrienne Yong from the City Law School took the opportunity to reflect on how they were going to approach a module they were co-teaching, the socio-legal module on Law, Rights, and Context. The result…Continue Reading Podcasting, not Lecturing

Is chat where it’s at? 

With the rapid shift to online teaching, it is easy to forget that we’re now communicating with our students via software that was, in many cases, designed for business meetings rather than for education.  A key feature of some of these platforms (a Microsoft Teams Meeting, for example) is dual-stream communication: speech and text in parallel, in the form of a spoken presentation and a chat thread.  But…Continue Reading Is chat where it’s at? 

3rd Cass Teaching and Learning Exchange

Afternoon tea and networking

On a sunny afternoon on 17th July 2019, academic and professional colleagues came together on the 6th floor at Bunhill Row for the 3rd Cass Teaching and Learning Exchange. The two-hour event was again introduced by Dr Martin Rich, Course Director, BSc Business Management, who co-hosted with Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD). Once again colleagues…Continue Reading 3rd Cass Teaching and Learning Exchange

Top tips on making your lectures count!

With a sea of distant heads in front of you bowed over their notes it can be very difficult to tell whether your lectures are working well or not. Students will not answer questions so you cannot tell if they understand. The normal clues are missing and the normal informal methods of finding out do…Continue Reading Top tips on making your lectures count!