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Shaping the Future of Learning Together – Day 2 at ALT-C 2015

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The Annual Association for Learning Technology conference (ALTC) took place from the 8th – 10th September, with the theme of ‘Shaping the Future Together’. I attended the second day of the conference as it had elements of Learning Spaces that I was interested in. This post are my highlights, along with a recording on the…Continue Reading Shaping the Future of Learning Together – Day 2 at ALT-C 2015

Teaching with Moodle Mooc

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New to Moodle and interested in exploring how to use Moodle effectively in your teaching? Then Teaching with Moodle: An introduction might be the course for you. This course is run as structured Mooc (Massive open online course) on LearnMoodle which is the official Moodle website for delivering Moocs. So even if you are a…Continue Reading Teaching with Moodle Mooc

Moocs: Next steps and challenges

Amara’s law states that “we tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run. ” Simon Nelson, Chief Executive of FutureLearn speaking at Westminster’s Higher Education Forum on MOOCs and technology-enhanced learning: next steps and challenges highlighted how Amara’s Law could be applied to…Continue Reading Moocs: Next steps and challenges