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Turnitin in Moodle 3

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Have you noticed an increase in your email notifications since the move to Moodle 3? Notifications are being emailed to staff with category/module level roles on Moodle when students submit Turnitin assignments. Please follow our guidance note to switch off these notifications. A number of staff have reported problems in opening Turnitin Submission Inboxes using

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Moodle Text Editor Improvements

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This post highlights the development work from our colleagues in Education Research & Enterprise Services (ERES) to improve the Text Editor in Moodle 3. If you want to highlight key information for students on a module page you can choose one of the two new City styles – Important and To do. These styles work

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Release Moodle Content to Groups of Students

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In my last post, I highlighted new functionality to support group work in Moodle. This post looks at how to release content to specific groups of students. While this isn’t a new feature of Moodle 3, it is a feature that changed last year and is useful to highlight again as we move to Moodle

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Supporting Group Work in Moodle

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One of the strengths of Moodle is the potential for student interaction, especially when activities are used in combination with Moodle’s group functionality. This post explores two new features in Moodle 3 to support group work – a bulk enrolments plugin and post a copy to all groups functionality in Forums. 1. Quickly add students

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Spring clean your Moodle Modules

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Lecturers start designing their Moodle modules for the new academic year by rolling over content from the previous academic year. This saves a lot of time as content doesn’t need to be uploaded to Moodle each year. This post outlines how to give your module a spring clean post-rollover. It highlights two new features that

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Improving Moodle’s Navigation

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An industry standard drop-down User menu has been introduced in Moodle 3, as part of Moodle’s continuing work on improving navigation. The User menu is located on the far right of the top navigation bar in Moodle and gives you access to your Profile and Grader reports for modules that you are teaching on. You

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Assessment Improvements in Moodle 3

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Assessment and feedback is at the heart of the student experience and there are a number of improvements in Moodle 3 to support online assessment. Activity Results block As well as displaying Quiz results in competitive league tables, a new Activity Results block can display scores from any graded or rated activity on your module

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Moodle 3 User Evaluation

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Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) and Education Research & Enterprise Services (ERES), facilitated by the expertise of staff at the City Interaction Lab ran a staff user evaluation to feed into developments for Moodle 3. The aim of our user evaluation was to make it easier for staff to complete the tasks required to update

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Moodle 3 Update 28 June 2016

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Moodle will be updated to version 3 on 28th June during the 7-9am maintenance window. Moodle 3 Developments  The focus of this year’s update has been on minor improvements to streamline processes around set up of Moodle modules for the start of year. Feeding into this are: Recommendations from the annual Moodle user evaluation conducted

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