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MoodleMoot 2018

Moodle 2018: Keynote presentation

  This year MoodleMoot took place in Glasgow. MoodleMoot is an annual event that gathers educators, technologists, developers from across Europe showcasing innovation, best practices, new ideas based around teaching with Moodle. In this blog post, I’ll share few trends and things that I learned by attending this event. This year’s conference focused on these…Continue Reading MoodleMoot 2018

Moodling at MoodleMoot 2017

  I attended MoodleMoot for the first time in my career as an educational technologist. I was unsure of what to expect (besides the hints from the program outline) and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a series of great presentations focused not only on the technical side of the platform but also on showcasing pedagogic use of different tools…Continue Reading Moodling at MoodleMoot 2017

MoodleMoot 2017: The Dev Perspective

My highlight of the conference was being able to meet and network with developers from other institutions. The connections built at MoodleMoot are invaluable throughout the year when I am on chats and forums asking for help or advice. In addition, mixing with other devs keeps me up to date with trends and new tech….Continue Reading MoodleMoot 2017: The Dev Perspective