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Laptop Lockers

AG24B is a flexible learning space complete with a number of colourful node chairs that can be moved around the room as well as large stretches of squiggle glass on the walls.  The room is designed to support a variety of activities including group work and easy movement between different activities. However, this space is…Continue Reading Laptop Lockers

Node chair renaming

A number of learning spaces now sport node chairs.   These chairs are on castors and can be moved around the room.  It has a tray underneath for storing bags and a tray at lap height for computers/tablets/smartphones/books/papers.  The chairs can be used individually or pushed together to enable pair or group work.  Unfortunately ‘node’ doesn’t…Continue Reading Node chair renaming

A New Learning Space Comes to City

As part of the ongoing Learning Spaces Project, the LDC has been working together with School of Health Sciences (SHS), Properties and Facilities, Timetabling, and Information Services to put together a new computer lab space in College Building. This new space will be a departure from labs as we know it: half of the room…Continue Reading A New Learning Space Comes to City