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Video for learning: interactivity

In this series of blog posts I am looking through the enhancements to Mediaspace, City’s online platform for creating, sharing and publishing educational video, which have been implemented this summer. One of the chief enhancements is the launch of the Video Quiz, a completely new tool in Mediaspace, which is accessble either through mediaspace.city.ac.uk or…Continue Reading Video for learning: interactivity

Assessment Improvements in Moodle 2.8

Grader Report Improvements

This post is part of a series of blog posts introducing what’s new in Moodle 2.8. This post provides an overview of assessment improvements in Moodle 2.8. Grader Report/Gradebook The Grader Report is easier to use across devices with its horizontal and vertical scroll. There is “single view” of any row or column which enables…Continue Reading Assessment Improvements in Moodle 2.8

Quiz Improvements in Moodle 2.6

Audience: City University staff. This blog post explores the new features of the Quiz activity in Moodle. Quiz autosave There is a new auto-save facility on the Quiz which will be especially useful for students working on longer essay questions or when students experience a connection problem when taking a Quiz that would previously have…Continue Reading Quiz Improvements in Moodle 2.6