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A quick update on a project being developed between SHS and LeAD. CitySCaPE (City Simulated Community and Practice Experience) is the new simulated reality platform that is being designed to replace Shareville which is a simulated reality teaching package used to teach nursing students about learning disability. Shareville has been thoroughly evaluated and whilst it has many…Continue Reading CitySCaPE-


Filming against the TV Studios blue screen

Shareville is an online learning resource developed by the e-learning team at Birmingham City University. In essence, it is a virtual town with a hospital, university, school, law practice and care home. Environments are presented as 3D panoramas that students can explore, accessing material relevant to their area of study. Much of this comprises of…Continue Reading Shareville


a dog against bluescreen

Chromakeying is a technique where a particular colour in video footage is removed and replaced with another video or image. Examples include weather broadcasts where a plain background behind the presenter is replaced with a weather map. The colour being removed can be any hue, but typically it is blue (blue screen) or more commonly green…Continue Reading Chromakey