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Swivel Seating in New Lecture Theatre

  BLG07 is the first lecture theatre at City that contains swivel seating.  This space enables students to participate in interactive lectures including bringing their own devices to work on, moving between activities and working in groups within the space.  Seating in this lecture theatre is alternately fixed and swivelling with two rows of seats…Continue Reading Swivel Seating in New Lecture Theatre

New Learning Spaces

City’s first lecture theatre decked out with vibrant orange swivel seating enabling students to work interactively and in groups during lectures is now available to use.  This room comprises a suite of colourful flexible learning spaces and break out areas all containing furniture that can be moved around and walls that can be written on…Continue Reading New Learning Spaces

Swivel Seating in Lecture Theatres

This September, City University London’s first swivel seating lecture theatre will be built by Properties and Facilities.  This will be a small lecture theatre available in the refurbishment of the University building basement.  The room will boast rows of fixed seating along with swivel seating to enable group work and collaboration between students ensuring that…Continue Reading Swivel Seating in Lecture Theatres