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Building blocks for ‘City 2030’

Two tables of women in discussion at a workshop. Both tables have three people at them. There is a display of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals on the wall behind the tables.

A co-design climate workshop This is the second of two posts about ‘City 2030’, the proposed undergraduate interdisciplinary module on climate change and sustainability. Click here to read the first one. Titled ‘Co-creating Climate Curricula’, the Learning at City 2023 workshop looked to bring staff and students together to start work on what a first…Continue Reading Building blocks for ‘City 2030’

Bringing Climate to the Curriculum

Graphic for the publicity of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, containing 17 coloured squares, each with the text and an icon to represent the individual goals.

A Rendezvous with Disaster For the increasing numbers of those paying attention, the dominoes keep falling. In 2023, multiple record-breaking temperatures were recorded around the world while environmental disasters kept on rolling in, from the Canadian wildfires that filled New York’s skies with thick smoke and an orange glow to the plummeting levels of Arctic…Continue Reading Bringing Climate to the Curriculum

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Venn diagram. The three circles are digital, green and just. The central point where they all cross over is labelled 'transitionism'.

Heading back into the room Early 2022, the tide of the immediate pandemic crisis was beginning to recede. Like many of us, I found myself reacclimatising to not having to focus on such a regular and consistent basis on Covid mitigations. As Winter turned to Spring, I began dipping my toe back into being in the physical…Continue Reading Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Interrogating the #HolographicAcademic at #ALTc

cover of 'Speculative Everything' book

#altc First session, a design workshop for telepresent future learning with @dompates – Holography and HE and Speculative learning design #HolographicAcademic pic.twitter.com/B4rcG6Bt3W — Dr Sarah Copeland (@XarahC) September 3, 2019 If holographic projection was introduced and adopted by universities, what impacts might there be on teaching and learning? In September 2019, I made my first…Continue Reading Interrogating the #HolographicAcademic at #ALTc

Introducing ‘active mobile learning’

Proposed icon for use in Crestron Panel for selecting wireless presentation

A workshop on wireless collaboration What do mobile devices allow you to do in teaching and learning that you can’t do without them? How might I incorporate active mobile learning into my teaching? After noting sustained demand from staff and students, seemingly endless tinkering with a particular emerging technology, as well as sensing the way…Continue Reading Introducing ‘active mobile learning’

Planning for Pedagogy Space and Technology Workshop at ALT-C 2017

The annual Association for Learning Technology’s conference took place from 5th – 7th September, you can see the daily keynotes which were streamed and recorded via the conference programme.You can also check out the Twitter hashtag #altc or see the ALT-C 2017 Flickr album for photographs. On the third day, I attended in person, to…Continue Reading Planning for Pedagogy Space and Technology Workshop at ALT-C 2017

Shaping the Future of Learning Together – Day 2 at ALT-C 2015

#altc ... connect with the ALT community

The Annual Association for Learning Technology conference (ALTC) took place from the 8th – 10th September, with the theme of ‘Shaping the Future Together’. I attended the second day of the conference as it had elements of Learning Spaces that I was interested in. This post are my highlights, along with a recording on the…Continue Reading Shaping the Future of Learning Together – Day 2 at ALT-C 2015

Workshop on Assessment Feedback: Centre for Music Studies

On Wednesday 9 November 2011, seven undergraduate students came together for an innovative two-hour afternoon workshop facilitated by Dr Miguel Mera, Dr Ian Pace, and myself (Dr Christopher Wiley) to discuss various issues related to delivery of feedback on the Centre’s BMus programme. While activities of this nature have been undertaken within individual academic modules…Continue Reading Workshop on Assessment Feedback: Centre for Music Studies


http://www.ketso.com/ Ketso is a beautiful, tactile tool that can be used to run workshops and create action plans.  The main benefit of Ketso is in enabling all participants to have a voice.  The website describes Ketso as “a toolkit for creative and effective engagement. It is designed to encourage creative thinking, and to engage people…Continue Reading Ketso