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2021 Writing Group dates

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Last term, like many other activities typically run in-person, Jane and I took our monthly LEaD Writing Group online. The final session of the year included a marvellous guest appearance from Johanna Peyton from the Journalism department. Jo gave a fascinating talk on unlocking your creativity, which can be found in full in the video…Continue Reading 2021 Writing Group dates

Virtualising the LEaD Writing Group

As some of you may know, we run the LEaD Blog Writing group, which is an informal network of colleagues who are interested in carving out some time each month to focus on getting some writing done or to get some technical assistance with using the blogging tools that City makes available. The sessions are…Continue Reading Virtualising the LEaD Writing Group

Calling all City bloggers – relaunch event for the LEaD Writing Group


The LEaD Writing Group was established in 2016 at the Learning at City 2016 Conference, by Dan Sansome and Dom Pates. Dan has now left City and the group hasn’t met for a while. But after much arm twisting (i.e. none) Dom has persuaded me to run this informal writing group with him. The group…Continue Reading Calling all City bloggers – relaunch event for the LEaD Writing Group

Who’s your audience? I am!

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In our blog writing guidance, we suggest you write with an audience in mind. We discussed this topic in February’s Blog Writing Group. It can be a challenge to think who your audience is. Joseph Lalonde recommends having a specific person in mind to write to. This could be: Your past self Your present self Your…Continue Reading Who’s your audience? I am!

Want to make your posts more conversational? Read this…

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A frequent question in the blog writing sessions is – how can I make my writing more conversational? Relax is my first piece of advice. Don’t worry too much about the grammar and let your personality shine through. Henneke Duistermaat suggests some helpful tips to make your writing sound more conversational: Don’t write for everybody – think about…Continue Reading Want to make your posts more conversational? Read this…

How to hook readers in with catchy blog titles

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The focus of this month’s writing group was creating blog titles to grab the attention of readers. We looked at advice from Corey Wainwright’s blog post on the subject, which outlined the following key points: Start with a working title – note down a rough title to give you a focus when you start writing a…Continue Reading How to hook readers in with catchy blog titles

LEaD Writing Group – “I lay awake, unable to sleep, and all because…”

A pencil drawing by Rembrandt of a woman lying awake in bed (Circa 1635-1640).

Last week saw the monthly meeting of the LEaD Writing Group. This is a brief account of the proceedings and an invitation to join us. As usual, we started with a quick writing activity to introduce an exercise that participants can use to develop their own or their students’ writing skills. This month’s exercise was called…Continue Reading LEaD Writing Group – “I lay awake, unable to sleep, and all because…”

LEaD Writing Group – Review

The LEaD Writing Group has been running for just over 6 months now. The group was set up to encourage more staff to contribute to the Learning at City blog and to provide a time and space for people to do some writing. The sessions aim to provide activities to help staff to develop their writing…Continue Reading LEaD Writing Group – Review

Learning with blogs

The theme for this month’s LEaD Writing Group was – Learning with blogs. We explored our own experiences together with observations of how our students have learnt with blogs. A number of themes emerged: Learning through reading Blogs can provide a good source of information and a way to get different views on the world….Continue Reading Learning with blogs

A group for writing

First Weds and Thurs of every month, in B310

Following this year’s Learning at City conference, a few members of LEaD have set up a writing group. The idea is to provide a supportive community and environment for City academics and Professional Services staff to find some time to write, pick up new tips or techniques, or to gain support in writing for the…Continue Reading A group for writing