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LEaD Writing Group – Developing your creativity

This month’s theme for the LEaD Writing Group was creativity. We started by using an activity suggested by Heather Leach in The Road to Somewhere: A Creative Writing Companion. Stretch the imaginative muscle (Leach, 2014). Choose any object that you have around you. In our case, I gave the participants a book. Make a list…Continue Reading LEaD Writing Group – Developing your creativity

Finding time to write

This month’s LEaD Writing Group focused on one of the principal challenges when it comes to writing –  finding time to do it. As Eviatar Zerubavel (1999) observes, we can have a romantic vision of the bohemian writer scribbling away furiously when inspiration seizes them. However, reality often shows that this is a myth. Most writers…Continue Reading Finding time to write

Reading about writing

The second LEaD Writing Group sessions took place last week. As usual, there was a good combination of lively discussion, sharing of ideas and time to focus on writing. In the session we looked at the idea that, “reading and writing go hand in hand” (Goodson, 2013, p. 34). Reading good writing can help you…Continue Reading Reading about writing

LEaD writing group – Freewriting technique

Last week the first Blog Writing Group sessions took place. The group meets monthly, on the first Wednesday and Thursday of the month and all staff are welcome to join. In each session, a different writing strategy is introduced, used and discussed.  In addition, we go into more depth about good blogging practice. Each month…Continue Reading LEaD writing group – Freewriting technique