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Date archive for: January 2016

Holocaust Memorial Day

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Today is the 71st anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Russian troops. Auschwitz was the most notorious of many such camps in which many millions of people  were murdered during the Holocaust. The majority of these people were Jewish, although many other groups were targeted by this crime: political opponents to the Nazi regime, homosexuals, Roma, ethic minorities and disabled people among others. Tragically genocides like this have happened since. On the 27th January every year we remember the millions of people who have been murdered, or whose lives have been changed by genocide, both during the Shoah and…

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Book Review: Oscar and Lucinda

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A world classic from Australia Oscar and Lucinda is a great little book. It follows the adventures of the two eponymous characters both in Australia and Europe. Oscar Hopkins and Lucinda Leplastrier are Southern star crossed lovers [geddit?] and gamblers from different sides of the world. Their will they/won’t they relationship is just one of the many elements in this novel, that will leave you wanting to read more. Inspired by several great books – such as Gosse’s Father and Son and Patrick White’s Voss  – this novel nevertheless takes its own unique course. As the characters set off on their own visionary journeys, the book becomes, at times, reminiscent…

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