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What is JustCite?

JustCite is a legal search engine and citator that indexes and cross references case law and legislation from the UK, Ireland, and other common law jurisdictions. It does not provide full text results, however it provides links to full text content on other databases, such as Westlaw and LexisLibrary.

Why is JustCite useful?

If you don’t know whether to search a case on Westlaw, Lexis, or another database, you can start your research on JustCite.

All on one screen, you can see where a case has been reported and which of these reports City provides access to; you get a list of parallel citations; and you can understand immediately which is the most authoritative citation in the case’s history.

As a plus, JustCite also shows you how a case has been treated subsequently.

How do I log in?

Select JustCite from the databases list, and log in using your City username and password. You then need to click on the “Sign in” button on the top right hand side of the screen, and from there select “Academic – Athens Sign In” (please see screenshots below).

Now select “City, University of London” from “Find your organisation”. You might need to insert your City username and password another time.

First steps using JustCite

Let’s say you are looking for the following case:

Lucasfilm ltd v Ainsworth

Type the 2 party names into the search bar and hit the green button. From the list of results, select the case.

An overview of the whole case will be shown: there is a short summary of the case, the key cases considered, eventual recent articles published about it, the legislation and the EU information considered, and full text links to the actual transcripts or report(s).

On the right of the screen, there is a list of parallel citations. The most authoritative citation is pointed out by a yellow arrow.

In order to see if the full text of the judgment is available through library resources, click on the citation (e.g., on “Law Reports” under the “Supreme Court of England” headline), and select the database of your choice from the drop down list. In this instance, you can see the full-text is available both on LexisLibrary and Westlaw.

Note: To link through to LexisLibrary records please ensure that you have opened and logged into LexisLibrary first.

Also, when clicking through to a Westlaw record, please choose the Athens link rather than the home institution link:

Need an in-depth guide?

If you need more information and want to make the best out of JustCite, please get a “Getting Started” guide in Gray’s Inn Place Library or the Innovation Centre Library. Ask the staff at the Library Service Desk if you can’t find one.

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