Bookable individual study spaces

Bookable individual study spaces will return for the January assessment period.  This year, we have expanded the service to include spaces at the Innovation Centre Library as well as the usual spaces at Northampton Square and Cass libraries.

Students can book a space to study for up to three hours a day, a maximum of four times a week. Each session can be booked up to one week in advance.  The full terms and conditions are given in the booking process.

All the spaces will be bookable Mon – Fri 9am – 9pm, and midday – 6pm on weekends, but the different libraries are operating different dates for bookings (see below and on the bookings pages for details).

The spaces will be clearly marked so you can find the place you booked. And remember, if a space is empty then you can study there without a booking, but you will need to make way when someone with a booking arrives.

Northampton Square Library

The bookable spaces are on Level 5 and can be found on the Spencer Street side just beyond the help desk.  These spaces are bookable 8th – 26th January inc. Bookings will open on 1st January.

Cass Learning Resource Centre

There are six spaces opposite the Financial Resources Zone, and four in the quiet are of the Library. These spaces are bookable 2nd – 19th January inc. Bookings will open on 26th December.

Innovation Centre Library

There are bookable spaces available on the first floor, near the Library Service Desk.
These spaces are bookable 8th – 26th January inc. Bookings will open on 1st January.

Some of the bookable individual study spaces at Northampton Square Library waiting to be booked


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