New Library resource: London Review of Books

We’re pleased to announce that Library Services now subscribes to the online edition of the London Review of Books. 

Published twice a month, the London Review of Books describes itself as ‘Europe’s leading magazine of culture and ideas’. It features essays by academics, writers, and journalists on a variety of topics, as well as reviews, poetry, and letters.

Our subscription includes access to every piece ever published via the digital archive and to the blogpodcasts and short documentaries available on the website. 

Browse the archive by issue/category or search via keyword. Once you find the article you need you’ll see options to print, cite and email content at the top of each page. 

A selection of articles to get you started:

Acess the London Review of Books via CityLibrary Search or our Databases A-Z.

If you have any questions about the London Review of Books please contact 

Law books in Northampton Square Library

Library Services recently expanded the law collection in Northampton Square Library, in order to make as many core texts as possible available for students wishing to use this library and take advantage of its extended opening hours.

In order to give everyone in the library the opportunity to consult them when needed, the majority of these books are for reference use only. You can find them on Level 5 in the law section. Please ask a member of library staff if you need help locating them.

Some of the most used books are currently on display on Level 5, on the first shelf you see as you enter the level.
These books can be borrowed and include: EU law : text, cases, and materials by Paul Craig and Gráinne de Búrca; Equity and Trust and The Law of Finance, both written by Alastair Hudson; An introduction to Islamic law by Joseph Schacht; and many more. Come browse our book display, you might find the book you need!

Library Services’ Autumn Specials

Autumn Specials: A series of drop-in sessions at Northampton Square and Cass Libraries
This autumn Library Services will host a series of drop-in sessions and workshops at the Northampton Square and Cass Libraries. These sessions form our Library Services Autumn Specials. They will be an excellent opportunity to meet the people behind these resources and learn about how to get more out of library resources.

See the table below for dates and times of each session. Select the links to find out more information and book your place.

Autumn Specials at Northampton Square

Event Date Time Location
Library Essentials Pop-Up Tuesday 25th September 12-2pm Level 1 Walk Way – University Building
Successful Employability with the Financial Times Tuesday 25th September 1.30-2pm University Building BLG07
Financial Times Drop-in Tuesday 25th September 2-4pm Northampton Square Library Level 2
Library Essentials Pop-Up Thursday 4th October 1-2pm Level 1 Walk Way – University Building
Using and Navigating Anatomy TV Monday 8th October 1-2pm Northampton Square Library, Teaching Room level 3
The Economist Drop-in Tuesday 9th October 11am-1pm Northampton Square Library Level 2
Bloomberg Drop-in Tuesday 16th October 3-4.30pm Northampton Square Library Level 2
Gale Primary Sources Drop-in Thursday 18th October 11am-2pm Northampton Square Library Level 2
Financial Times Drop-in Thursday 25th October 12-2pm Northampton Square Library Level 2

Autumn Specials at Cass

Event Date Time Location
Successful Employability with the Financial Times Thursday 11th October 1.30-2pm LG003, Bunhill Row
Financial Times Drop-in Thursday 11th October 2-4pm Cass Library entrance, Level 1
Bloomberg Drop-in Tuesday 16th October 3-5pm Cass Library entrance, Level 1
Financial Times Drop-in Wednesday 7th November 2-4pm Cass Library entrance, Level 1
Economist Drop-in Wednesday 14th November 11am-1pm Cass Library entrance, Level 1
Bureau van Dijk Drop-in Thursday 22nd November 2-5pm Cass Library entrance, Level 1


Level 3 at Northampton Square Library

Although the spaces in the Northampton Square Library have been quieter over the summer, library staff have been busy using your feedback to make changes.

level 3 can be very loud, reducing noise levels would be very good

This was a common theme in our recent feedback campaigns, with many of you suggesting that you would appreciate a quieter, more studious study space on Level 3.

From September, Level 3 of the Northampton Square Library is for quiet study.  When using Level 3 please keep conversations to a minimum, and if you want to work in a large group be considerate of your fellow students and book a group study room or use one of the other collaborative study spaces throughout the University, such as in the Tait Building.

To make the space more suitable for quiet study we have purchased new furniture and the last pieces will be delivered and installed this week.

Woman reading book in library

JustisOne – Search for cases and legislation

Library Services subscribes to JustisOne, an online resource that gives you access to UK case law and legislation.

In a previous blog post we explained how to log in. Below is a quick guide on how to search for cases and legislation.

How to search for a case

You can do a simple search from the homepage, by typing in either the title, citation, party names, keywords, or area of law. If you start typing in, JustisOne will fill the rest in for you, giving a few suggestions: a useful tool if you can’t remember the exact citation or you only have half of it!

Let’s search “Gillett v Holt”:

The database will bring back either the exact or the closest match. You can select the one you want to read and you will get to this page:

If you click on the hyperlink, you will be able to access an overview of the case, cited cases, citing cases and the judgment. You will also be able to download it.

 Advanced search

If you want to specifically search for a case, a piece of legislation, or EU law, please click on the “Advanced” tab from the menu on the left.

You can then select your choice. Each section has different fields: for example, you can search a case by party names, and a legislation by the Act or Section name.

You can also search using the “Full Text” field, but be mindful that it might bring back too many results.

Search for legislation

Click on “Advanced Search” and then on “Legislation”. Search for the name of the Act, e.g. “Dangerous Dogs Act” and hit search.

You can then navigate sections of the Act by clicking on “Whole Act” and selecting the part you want to read.

You can also see the status, e.g. if it has been repealed, if there are amendments and which are these amended items, and the citing cases by clicking on the relevant tab.


As for the cases, you will be able to read the full act if we subscribe to it. You can also download the PDF.

Need further help?

If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to contact your subject librarian:

Water fountain at Northampton Square Library

Unfortunately, the water supply to the water fountain on Level 3 of the Northampton Square Library will not be restored until the end of September.  This is because the works to the cafe on the Level 1 walkway of the University Building have overrun.

Drinking water is available from the water fountains in the Tait Building (near the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre), and the Drysdale Mezzanine (down the stairs/lift from the Main Entrance).

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Meet the Team: Law Team

The Law Team works across two libraries, Gray’s Inn Place Library and Law Library College Building. The team makes sure both libraries run smoothly throughout the week, checking the environment and answering students’ questions.

The team is made up of the following people:

Martin Edwards – User Services Librarian
Martin is the User Services Librarian. He manages the frontline staff and is the person to contact should you have issues with your Library account. You can also contact him regarding feedback, complaints or general enquiries.

Martin also manages the library spaces, making sure the study environment is appropriate and meets your learning needs.

You can contact Martin at


Rob Hodgson & Tom Ellen – Subject Librarians
Rob and Tom are your Subject Librarians for Law. Rob has been working at City for a few years, Tom has recently joined us from the Law Society.

They are your contact for all things relating to library resources and library support for teaching and learning. Book a one-to-one appointment with them to learn how to use databases and other resources effectively, discuss literature searching for your dissertation, get help with citing and referencing using OSCOLA (citing correctly is the only way to avoid plagiarism!) and more. They also run training workshops throughout the year which can be booked via the Library Calendar.

You can drop in without appointment during their office hours. You can find them in B301 (Northampton Square Library) on Wednesdays between 1-3pm and at Gray’s Inn Place (Room 1/04) on Thursdays from 11-1pm.

You can contact Rob at
You can contact Tom at



Hilary Vieitez – Research Librarian
Hilary is the Research Librarian for Law, supporting academic staff and PhD students at The City Law School with their research needs. She offers both one-to-one training and group workshops. Areas in which she can offer support and advice include: literature searching techniques; how to track down resources for your research; effective use of reference management tools; and correct citing and referencing.

You can contact Hilary at


Stefanie McDade – Senior Information Assistant
Stefanie worked at The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn Library for 2 years assisting barrister and student members of the Inn with their legal enquiries. She therefore has a lot of experience and can help you with your legal research, and with OSCOLA too.

You can contact Stefanie at

Information Assistants & Evening and Weekend Team
Every day from Monday to Friday, you can ask for help at the desk from our Information Assistants: Alex, Conor, Martina, Monika and Stephanie; and, if you use the library in the evenings or at the weekends, you will find Emma, Josephine, Mark, Luciana, Phong, Sadeer, Tim or William available to assist you.

Our staff can help you with: finding books on the shelf, printing, reading a report citation, using the catalogue; and have all been trained on how to use key law resources like Westlaw or Lexis. They will also be able to refer you to the right person should your enquiry require a more in-depth answer.

You can get in touch with the team at

New books for the School of Health Sciences

A Library Services project to enhance the print and e-book collections for health sciences students took place over the summer.

New editions and extra copies of more than 50 of your most popular and essential titles were ordered, processed and catalogued and are now available for you to access or borrow.

Watch out for the latest version of your favourite textbook on the shelves or available online via CityLibrary Search.

For more information on using e-books, have a look at our E-books Guide.

And don’t forget, you can request items to be purchased for the collection via our More Books and Read for Research schemes: why not recommend a book today?

Read&Write 12

Read&Write at City





City Library Services are pleased to offer the latest version of TextHelp Read&Write 12. Read&Write is a collection of tools to support your reading and writing. This application is often recommended for students who have a learning difference such as dyslexia, but the support tools can be beneficial for everyone.

Use the Text to Speech reader:

  • As a proofreading tool to identify mistakes and check the flow and structure of your written work. I find this technique useful because I sometimes write in overly long sentences. Listening back to my work really helps me identify when I’ve done this.
  • To listen back to Word documents, PDFs and webpages. This reading strategy can help maintain focus, aid comprehension, and reduce the load on your working memory.
  • You can choose to have the software track and highlight as it reads, helping you maintain focus on the text you are reading.

Using the Audio Maker you can transform a selection of text into an audio file. This is a great productivity tool because it allows you to listen to information on the go.

A Screen Masking tool, which allows you to apply a tint to the screen to create a more comfortable reading environment and improve focus, is also available.

TextHelp’s online guides show you the full range of tools available. You can also find short video tours in the Read&Write information menu.

This software is available to all City students. Find it in the programmes menu on any student PC. Search for “Read&Write”.

For more information on the benefits of text-to-speech see The British Dyslexia Association guidance on technology.


Library Services has subscribed to a new online resource, JustisOne, which gives you access to UK case law and legislation.

To help you get familiar with it, we will publish a couple of blog posts. In this one, we will give a brief overview on the kind of material you can access and how to log in. Another blog post with a more in-depth guide will be published next week!

What content is available?

JustisOne gives you access to UK case law, including reported and unreported judgments, and legislation.

The database also indexes case law from other common law legislation.

How do I sign in?

Go to CityLibrary Search ( and search for JustisOne. Click on the result and then select “Academic sign in: Athens”. From the following screen, search for “City, University of London”, under “Find your organisation”. You can now log in using your City username and password.


Tutorials available

JustisOne has created several tutorials to explain its many features to users. You can find these videos at the following link: This page is updated regularly.

Need further help?

If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to contact your subject librarian: