Month: May 2022

#TakeABreak and win a prize

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You’ve been reading, writing, revising and now you’re in need of a time out, a distraction, something to divert your attention. It’s time to #TakeABreak. How about a puzzle? Over the next few weeks, when you stop to grab a drink or snack, why not pick up one of our perplexing puzzles too? We’ll be…Continue Reading #TakeABreak and win a prize

24/7 opening at Northampton Square Library

"24/7" written in neon colours.

The Northampton Square Library will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the summer exam period, from Monday 2nd May to Friday 10th June, 2022. Library staff are available at Help Desks and roving around as usual, with our super security team in place each night. Our opening hours are regularly…Continue Reading 24/7 opening at Northampton Square Library