You might know about Kanopy already – it is a streaming service where you can find lots of video material for your course. But did you know that it’s a great resource to find award-winning and popular films too, for when you need a break from studying?

A screenshot of part of the Take A Break playlist of films on Kanopy.Have a look at the #TakeABreak playlist we’ve prepared for you as a taster of what you can find on Kanopy. We’ve included a bit of everything there: comedy and drama, some documentaries and animation, too.

When on Kanopy, you can find films by searching for keywords or by browsing different categories β€” like genres, film festivals or studios. For example, The Criterion Collection features classic and arthouse cinema, DogWoof have lots of exciting documentaries, and United International Pictures will bring up quite a few Hollywood hits.

In the same way, you can check out films featured at the BAFTAs, explore the ‘Horror & Thriller’ section if you’re looking for a thrill, or look up films in, eg, Persian or French, to discover films from countries that use those languages.

We hope these browsing tips have inspired you to have a quick break for your wellbeing. Keep an eye out for our other resource suggestions for de-stressing (which include filling in our Take-A-Break Quiz to be in a chance of winning a Library prize!)

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