British Standards OnlineĀ (BSOL) is the flagship online collection of British Standards, compiled by the British Standards Institute: and you have full-text access via CityLibrary.

British Standards outline the required minimum quality of goods and services, and standards are available across a wide variety of industry sectors, from construction to nanotechnology. BSOL includes all British standards, plus all International and European standards that have been adopted as British ones.

You can also find ASTM, ISO and IEC standards that haven’t been adopted as British standards, BSI Publicly Available Specifications, plus BSI books.

A screenshot of the British Standards Online search interface showing a list of results limited to the search term nanotechnology and results within the subscription, using the search limiters.

Use the ‘browse for standards’ area to search the whole BSI catalogue. You can search by BSOL subscription module or by subject (ICS codes). ICS (International Classification of Standards) codes are a subject-based classification system for standards.

When you select a module or a subject in browse you’ll be taken to a list of matching standards. You can use the ‘search within’ results feature on the left-hand side of the results page to refine your search. Check the ‘only show results within my subscription’ box to just see the documents that you have access to.

Use the ‘download pdf’ button to see the standard in full.

For help with using British Standards Online, book an appointment with your subject librarian.

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